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tv   France 24 Mid- Day News  LINKTV  January 10, 2014 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> it is 9 p.m. here in the french capital, live from paris. the headlines, stepping down amidst chaos and central africa, the president caves to mounting pressure and announces his resignation. plans for more settlements after a fresh push for peace talks, israel building hundreds of more settler homes in east jerusalem. one,he show will not go another band from a controversy all french comedian.
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good evening. also coming up in the next 60 minutes, how a french magazine that was trying to scoop how french president francois hollande was having an affair, now removing that from its website. plus, monthly job figures released today, and we will talk through all of the details in our business report. first, in the run-up to an international conference aimed at ending the bloodshed in syria, the russian news agency interfax announced that the foreign minister will have joint talks with u.s. secretary of state john kerry and the u.n. envoy on monday. the so-called geneva-two conferences on syria are supposed to take place january 22.
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tunisia's new prime minister took office this friday. he is tasked with leading a nonpartisan government until the elections are held later this year. a deal was struck at the end of 2013 for power to be handed to a andnocratic administration, they are now voting on a new constitution. one of their top priorities is to get the tunisian economy back on track. egypt, clashes between supporters and opponents of the ousted resident mohamed morsi have left three people dead. the police say that dozens of people have been arrested and many of the more protesters and members of the muslim brotherhood. government toe clear the organization to be a terror group. mark thompson has more. >> like every friday, these people defiantly take to the streets of cairo.
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they are supporters of the muslim brotherhood and the former egyptian president mohammed morsi. this week they have a new plan, to boycott a referendum on the new constitution jayson werth 14 and 15. thisdo not recognize constitution. we should not call it that. they took the country hostage and have done everything to forget the coup took place. >> the muslim brotherhood supporters also chose not to vote under mubarak, and there are similar similarities. they have the right to try civilians, something the party believes will further suppress its already weakened base. the egyptian interim government has declared the muslim brotherhood a terrorist organization. each week, dozens of supporters are arrested for to dissipating -- for participating in illegal demonstrations. among them, some protester
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sentenced to three years in prison on thursday. that pattern shows no sign of stopping. kit juckes and police were back on the streets on friday looking for protesters -- egyptian police were back on the streets on friday looking for protesters. >> israel has announced is planning to build a thousand new settler homes in the occupied west bank of east jerusalem. the settlements represent a major hurdle and the resumption of peace talks. gallagher over to fenwick. how did that news go down in those territories? >> there is no comment from the israeli prime minister's office. interestingly enough, there is opposition for the very first coming recent months from within the israeli prime minister's own government, noticeably from the finance minister, the centrist who is saying and talking in the name of his party, which is part of the ruling coalition, that he is
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opposed to such an announcement. he considers it to be bad for peace and bad for israel's international standing, saying that such announcements have been a calls for much of the world to lose patience with israel. he is going to do anything he can to present these tenders. these are not good constructions that are beginning, but tenders. he will do anything he can to present the bash prevent the tenders from becoming reality on the palestinian side. as expected, there are sharp criticism coming from palestinian officials. >> most countries consider the settlements to be illegal. a fresh push has been made to kickstart peace talks. why is israel announcing more settlements now of all times? >> the israeli prime minister is engaged in a complicated game, having to satisfy different parties on his left, the u.s. experienced a john kerry, who revived these peace talks and
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has repeatedly asked both parties including the prime minister to create a positive environment conducive to talks. one his right side, he has his right wing members of the coalition who are very much pro- settlement people, and that was the people he was satisfying this evening. >> think you very much, gallagher fenwick. under mounting regional pressure, the president of the central african republic announced he is stepping down. sparked antion immediate irruption of joy in a country where he is seen as having failed to put a stop to a wave of deadly sectarian violence. into chaos descended after rebels seized power in march of last year and installed him as the country's first muslim president in what is a majority christian country. earlier on, we spoke with james andre. >> this morning, when the news hit the streets, there was a lot
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of cheering. we were close to the airport refugee camp, where 100,000 people have been displaced, living there in makeshift tents. we heard a huge cheer when they heard about this news. but now the city has gone into a lot of violence. we had heavy gunfire this afternoon as well as mortar shells, reportedly three flashpoints in town between anti-christian militias and the pro-militias in town. we were speaking also to one of the selected generals who is telling us basically all of the troops are now in garrison, kept in garrison by international peacekeeping forces. he said if the attacks continue, it will be impossible for him to carry on controlling the troops. a sickly, it is a very volatile environment, even though the shooting has stopped since it is
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now my time here. >> large crowds of chanting "it's over, it's over" in the capital earlier today, we have heard reports about that. do you get the feeling those people are being perhaps optimistic in their view? there are a lot of people are very optimistic. population christian , who are extremely happy to see leave.a people think it is the end of the chaos thanks to the peacekeeping forces and this new transitional government that will be put in in 15 days. they are hoping it will all call him down and things will be better. james andre reporting from the capital of the central african republic. the rebel leader in the south sudan confirmed his forces have lost control of the key northern
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oil town. agency, he the news vowed his forces would continue with their battle against the government. despite a recent bloody crackdown on protesters, cambodia's opposition leader is touring the country's authoritarian prime minister of what he called a final campaign against him, unless fresh elections are held. this is the biggest challenge in year to the premier, who has led the country almost three decades. the pressure is growing on the premier's regime. friday, dozens of labor activists marched to the tobodian embassy in bangkok crack down -- to protest the crackdown on demonstrating workers. >> we come here to tell the government their actions against labor rallies is being watched around the world and the violation of human rights should not happen here or anywhere else in the world. the gathering comes just one
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week after police opened fire on a crowd of protesting environmental workers on the streets, killing four people and injuring many others. since the government has banned all antigovernment protests in the capital. the opposition is not ready to give up the fight and is now rallying in different parts of the country. cambodian opposition leaders met hundreds of supporters friday in the western province. a renewed his call for premier to step down and hold new elections. they also condemn the government crackdown. clearly seen and knows that the cambodian people's party is cruel. it has committed brutal violence against poor and innocent people who only demanded higher wages. >> the regime is facing growing
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public discontent since last year's elections. which according to the opposition was rigged. theoday was supposed to be second day of a nationwide tour by a controversy of french comedian, but for the second in a row, the courts have upheld a ban on his performances, this time in the central city of tool, where he is accused of anti-semitism and inciting racial hatred. will not go one for the comedian. the french government vowed to use every legal avenue to maintain the ban on his performance. until now, the comment has always won his appeals in the name of freedom of expression. how did the authorities obtain a band? ministere interior sent instructions to local mayors urging them to pull the plug on the performances seen as a potential threat to public order.
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the advice was struck down by the local tribunal, and which gave him the green light, but the ruling was overruled by the highest court, the council of state. legal experts say the comedian, who was supposed to perform in several other cities, is not likely to go back on stage. maintained only concerns the show "the wall," and now will be difficult for other local courts to go against the council of state's ruling because it is up to the council of state to give a final decision. dealt with ins less than two hours. in a bid to speed up the process, did the government intervene? >> there was not any political pressure. the case was not extradited, but the ruling had to be given before the beginning of the show. otherwise, it would have been roofs -- would have been useless. >> what is the next step, their claims take it to the european court of human rights, a legal
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battle that could last at least two years. >> french president francois hollande is threatening legal action after a glossy magazine led with a seven page scoop alleging that he is having an affair with an actress. the magazine said it will withdraw all mention of its story from the online edition. hollande is not married, but he has been living recently with a journalist, who is considered to be france's first lady. president's secret love, splashed over the front page of a gossip magazine. francois hollande and his alleged lover. the weekly claimed that he frequently is seen in the streets of paris on a motorbike to spend time with the actors. >> it's a real passion that has turned their lives upside down and makes them take insane risks. >> the french leader seen here with his official girlfriend did not deny the rumors, but he attacked the magazine on
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violating his right to privacy. in france, publishing information on someone's private life is a criminal offense. for many, the president's personal life is nobody's business. >> i think he is a person like any other and has the right to privacy like anybody else. we don't know if it is a rumor or not. >> it is not an interesting topic. there are many more important issues in france. >> the french are known to be tolerant of their leaders infidelities. in the past, such rumors had little impact on popularity ratings. the of the biggest cap -- biggest scandals was in 1994 when the former president had a secret daughter born to his mistress, something that was widely suspected but never published a four. increasingly, french tabloids ignore privacy laws. they have a budget for the globe payouts. for them, it is worth the publicity stunt. down amidst chaos
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and violence in the central african republic, the country's president caves to mounting pressure and announces his resignation. plans for more settlements after a fresh push for peace talks. israel says it is building hundreds more settler homes in the occupied west bank and east jerusalem. and the show will not go one. a french comedian faces another band for what was supposed to be the second day of his national tour. time now for a check of the top business news stories. outmonthly job figures are in the united states. they are always closely watched by the markets. did they have any nice surprises? >> they had a surprise today, but not necessarily nice. it is actually confusing. the headline unemployment rate in the u.s. has fallen from seven percent in november down to 6.7% in december, but that hides a big disappointment for
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the markets. the number of jobs actually sinced was the lowest january 2011, just 74,000, when the markets were expecting something closer to 200,000. it is a big drop. that the u.s. recovery may have been overhyped, and you would expect the markets to react badly and scare investors. but a war job market does calm one fear that federal stimulus money may be pulled back faster, which may be why the u.s. markets have not fallen to dramatically. the markets very close to the flat line. in europe, the markets finished the week in green. in france, one bit of battered eta, keeping the projection -- one bit of better data, of reading fears that france could be slipping back into recession. the u.s. recovery seems to be
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slumping with job numbers, but china has overtaken it in one key figure. it is the world's biggest goods trader. growth in chinese exports has slowed down, but that could be good news for beijing. that could mean the chinese government is a step closer to its goal of increasing domestic consumption to reduce its reliance on exports to the west. it was only a matter of time. china's economy has been outgrown the united states for years. as the world second-biggest economy, today it is the world number one in terms of trade. this as asked boards have grown bigger for decades. -- this as exports have grown bigger for decades. trade was up $4.16 trillion. china believes its trade will keep next banding rapidly. andf the international domestic economy does not suffer from major risks, i think china's foreign trade will enter a stable growth stage.
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the quality and efficiency of foreign trade is likely to further improve. along with exports, imports 7.3%, or chinese buying foreign and a mystic goods. according to analysts, favoring domestic demand was one of the government's goals. >> the rebalancing of the economy is certainly an name of the current leadership. what they want to do is spread the wealth a lot wider and make more people feel they have participated in the economic growth in china. exporters are waiting to see how the value of the error currency will affect sales. the chinese currency has grown stronger in 2013, making chinese products more expensive than before. >> let's look at some of today's company news. mercedes-benz has posted record
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sales over last year, selling 1.5 million cars worldwide, a 10.7% rise over last year. released similarly impressive figures, notably thanks to the adjustment in china. is one of italy's most iconic brands, but its shares could be trading in new york or even hong kong. that is according to the ceo, who has engineered the merger between fiat and u.s. automaker chrysler. he said they will go where the money is and they hope new financing will set the choice of where to list in eerily symbolic and will have no impact on a talent jobs. -- is purely symbolic and will have no impact on an italian jobs. talks are still ongoing for a possible sale of 126 fighter jets, and valuable boost of
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confidence in the airplane. brazil chose to purchase the swedish griffin instead. surprise if you are flying to mumbai. india's commercial capital unveiled a $2 million -- $2 billion airport with 70,000 pieces of the art, skylights shaped like peacock feathers, and over 1000 chandeliers in the form of lotus flowers. the renovated airport has been delayed by two years and will -- but now developers hope the terminal will be the perfect showcase for more than mumbai. its 40 million passenger capacity is expected to be met in just five years as india's growing middle classes take to the skies. that is it for business. >> that is it for this half hour of news. join us for web news, which follows next. i will be back at the bottom of the hour with the top stories.
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hello, and will come to today's web news, where we are looking at some of the stories making online headlines. coming up on today show, the french senate approves the so- called anti-amazon bill. americans conducting science experiments during the cold wave. and a double amputee from brazil wowing the skateboarding world. wednesday, the french senate unanimously approved a bill aimed at protecting booksellers from france from online competition. the bill which will go back to the national assembly for second reading before being formally adopt it will restrict online vendors from offering free delivery to customers will top of a maximum five percent discount on books. it has been called the anti- amazon bill, mainly targeting the american all my shopping giant.
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of whate been accused people called dumping, shipping books free of charge without a minimum purchase amount. it will mean they will be paying more for books online. it has been extremely well received and highly anticipated among traditional booksellers. trying to have been respond to the competition from amazon by offering online consumers an alternative. has some 1000 pulling stocks. delivery charges are not the only issue. amazon has also been accused of tax evasion. as it registers profit in luxembourg. if they do not paid taxes in france or the u.k., the ngo is campaigning for an amazon boycott, denouncing the company's tax evasion. despite the polar blast gripping parts of north america, many authorities are recommending
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and cozyays snug indoors, some have braved the icy temperatures to conduct interesting experiments. we selected some of the best science demonstrations on the web. illustrated by scores of photos and videos over the past few days, one of the most popular experiments involved blowing bubbles outside at below zero temperatures. the bubbles crystallize and turn hard and just a few seconds. and here's another experiment that has got north americans to find the intense cold. throwingoily water -- oily water into the freezing air, creating tiny ice crystals almost instantaneously. finally, some try to find out what happens when you leave what close outside.
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t-shirts totally freeze and become as hard as stone, rigidly in shape. the demonstration gives an idea of how cold it has been in north america. nepalese viewers in nepal have been posting urging the government to ban the use of genetically modified feed. the online campaign has paid off. wednesday, the supreme court of nepal banned the importation of gtmo's until further notice, many companies like monsanto will not be up to sell their products to the poor. this has been warmly welcomed by the country's web users. globally speaking, the average life expectancy currently stands at 71 years old and has
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progressively grown in recent decades. this graphic was produced by chilean graphic designer, showing at this moment in time we can expect to live longest in monaco, where the average age of death is 90 years old. japan, singapore, and macau are chat intod at 84, and south africa has a average life expectancy of 49. south africand have an average life expectancy of 49. a wacky idea of dressing like clothing mannequins, striking a photo next to them, posting them on the web. one way to pass the time when you go shopping with his girlfriend. this person from brazil lost
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both of his legs at the age of 13, but this has not stopped him from his favorite activity, skateboarding. as we see in this video, he is extremely good at it, pulling off one impressive move or trick after another. ñmw
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